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This is an organized and easy community service project that is fun for all sizes of groups including: Schools, Scouts, Churches, and adult groups. There is a badge available for boy and girl scouts who participate.


It is extremely helpful to our site coordinators if you can pre-register, especially if you would like to be in a canoe/kayak. There are two options to register:

  1. Contact the site coordinator directly. See locations page.

  2. For sites in Butler Hamilton, and Warren County, register online (this link is currently being updated and will be posted shortly.


A waiver will need to be signed by all participants and those 18 years of age or younger will need a parent or guardian signature. The waiver will be available to sign at the event, we make it available here in case you are bringing other children. 


All children under the age of 16 must have an adult with them.

If you are bringing minors that you are not the parent or guardian of, make sure to bring a signed waiver for them.


Cleanup Materials

All materials for clean-up will be provided free of charge. Commemorative T-shirts will be distributed to each volunteer at the end of the event while supplies last. Pre-registration will help us order enough shirt. 

Safety Information

Most safe practices on the river are just good common sense. Come prepared to have fun, because you will, but keep a sharp lookout always for hazards. You may be in an unfamiliar setting and here are a few tips to make your day go by safely.

Before You Go
  • Wear a hat, long pants and sturdy footwear.

  • Bring sunscreen. Gloves are provided, but sometimes we run out early.

  • Don’t bring pets, cameras, radios or anything you might lose in the water.

  • A light backpack or “fanny” pack is good to carry water, sunscreen, etc.

  • Eat a good breakfast. You will be working hard.

  • Take provided bottled water and drink lots of it. Take a spare bottle if you want.

On The Riverbank
  • Stay aware of the members of your crew. You must provide your own safety net out there.

  • Pick a spot near your drop off point for a rally point. Bring the bagged trash there and center it next to heavy objects.

  • Don’t try to move extremely heavy or hazardous material. Roll tires, appliances and barrels to remove mud before trying to move to the riverbank. Get help for heavy things

  • Watch for Poison Ivy, stinging nettles and other hurtful plants.

  • Leave all wildlife alone. They are in their place and you are the guest.

  • Drink more water. Then drink more water. That’s enough!

  • If someone is injured, follow first aid practices. Keep the injured person quiet and have someone flag down a passing boat for help. Apply a compress to limit bleeding if necessary.

  • Report all injuries to cleanup leaders as soon as possible. We will make sure they are attended to.

  • Never enter the water to retrieve trash or to cool off, except in an emergency. If it isn’t readily removable, leave it! The deepest water is often very close to the bank and dirt at the edge can be unbstable. never walk on a brush pile over water.

  • Regroup periodically and take a head count. Report missing people ASAP.

  • Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion in yourself and others. If someone shows signs of heat exhaustion, put them in the water immediately and DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE. Get help as soon as possible.

In A Boat

Boats are not permitted for many of the locations due to safety concerns. Please check your clean up site to see if they are permitted as a part of the event.

  • Always wear a PFD in the boat. Wear it properly. Ask if you don’t know how.

  • Keep your hands in the boat, especially when alongside another boat, dock or barge.

  • Do not try to haul garbage that makes your boat unstable.

  • Do not try to carry too much garbage on your boat.

  • Enjoy the ride!

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